Further Information


Adjusted EBIT

EBIT + Earnings before taxes of the Group companies accounted for using the equity method

Annual performance of the Fraport share

(Year-end closing price of the Fraport share - previous year-end closing price + dividend per share)/ previous year-end closing price

Capital Employed

Net financial debt + shareholders’ equity1)

Debt-to-equity ratio

Net financial debt/total assets

Dividend yield

Dividend per share/year-end closing price of the share

Dynamic debt ratio

Net financial debt/cash flow from operating activities (operating cash flow)

Earnings per Share (EPS)

Profit attributable to shareholders of Fraport AG/ weighted number of shares


Abbreviation for: earnings before interest and taxes

EBIT margin



Abbreviation for: earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization

EBITDA margin



Abbreviation for: earnings before taxes


Abbreviation for: European Interbank Offered Rate = Interest rate used by European banks when trading fixed-term deposits with each other. It is one of the most important reference interest rates, among European bonds, bearing floating interest payments.

Fraport Assets

Goodwill + other intangible assets at cost/2 + investments in airport operating projects at cost/2 + construction in progress and lands at cost + other property, plant and equipment at cost/2 + carrying amounts of the group companies accounted for using the equity method and other investments + inventories + trade accounts receivable – current trade accounts payable

Free cash flow

Cash flow from operating activities – effects resulting from the application of IFRS 16 – investments in airport operating projects (excluding payments to acquire Group companies and concessions) – capital expenditure for other intangible assets – capital expenditure in property, plant, and equipment – investments for “investment property” – capital expenditure in companies accounted for using the equity method + dividends from companies accounted for using the equity method

Gearing ratio

Net financial debt/shareholders’ equity1)


Cash and cash equivalents (as at the statement of financial position) + short-term realizable items in “other financial assets” and “other receivables and financial assets”

Lost Time Injury Rate (LTIF)

Number of accidents at work/hours worked (in millions)

Market capitalization

Year-end closing price of the Fraport share × number of shares

Net financial debt

Non-current financial liabilities + current financial liabilities – liquidity

Net financial debt to EBITDA

Net financial debt/EBITDA

Operating expenses

Material expenses + personnel expenses + other operating expenses

Price-earnings ratio

Year-end closing price of the Fraport share/earnings per share (basic)

Return on revenue


Return on shareholders’ equity

Profit attributable to shareholders of Fraport AG/shareholders’ equity1)

Revenue adjusted for IFRIC 12

Revenue according to the consolidated income statement – Contract revenue from construction and expansion services
according to IFRIC 12


Abbreviation for: return on Fraport assets = adjusted EBIT/Fraport assets

Shareholders’ equity ratio

Shareholders’ equity1)/total assets

Sickness rate

Sick days/planned days × 100 excluding absences beyond sick pay (so called extended sick leave)

Total employees

Employees of Fraport AG and fully-consolidated Group companies as at the balance sheet date (including temporary staff,
apprentices, and employees on leave)

Working capital

Current assets – trade accounts payable – other current liabilities

1) Shareholders’ equity less non-controlling interests and profit earmarked for distribution.