To Our Shareholders

Corporate Governance and statements of compliance

Last year, the Executive Board and Supervisory Board also handled the implementation of the German Corporate Governance Code (GCGC), including the amendments to the Code that entered into force in 2022.

In this context, the Supervisory Board has also continued its regular efficiency audit. This self-assessment was carried out during the reporting year with external support from a consulting company and discussed in depth at the Supervisory Board meeting held on December 15, 2022. The discussions focused on the composition and competence of the Supervisory Board, meeting management and content, and its role and self-perception.

Further details on Corporate Governance and the wording of the current statement of compliance pursuant to Section 161 of the AktG, released by the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board on December 15, 2022, are provided in the “Joint Statement on Corporate Governance”. The current and past statements of compliance can also always be found on the Group’s website at