To Our Shareholders

Joint Statement on Corporate Governance

The Fraport AG Executive Board reports – also in the name of the Supervisory Board – on the contents subject to the reporting requirements pursuant to Section 289f of the HGB for Fraport AG as well as for the Fraport Group (Fraport AG and fully consolidated Group companies, hereinafter referred to as “Fraport”) as part of a joint statement on corporate governance pursuant to Section 289f, and Section 315d in conjunction with Section 289f of the HGB, in order to enable a general statement on the Group’s corporate governance principles. In this context, the Executive Board and Supervisory Board report in accordance with Principle 23 of the German Corporate Governance Code in its amended version from April 28, 2022 as published on June 27, 2022 (hereinafter: GCGC) on the corporate governance of the company.

The term “corporate governance” at Fraport means responsible corporate management and monitoring. The objectives of corporate governance at Fraport are long-term economic enhancement and creating as well as strengthening confidence among investors, customers, employees, and the public. Good corporate governance therefore has top priority at Fraport. In this context, efficient collaboration between the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board is as important as protecting shareholders’ interests and maintaining open and transparent corporate communications. Fraport monitors the national and international developments in this area and regularly reviews its own corporate practices in connection with new legal regulations and revised national and international standards, and modifies it to meet these as required.

In accordance with Section 317(2) sentence 6 of the HGB, the following information pursuant to Sections 289f(2) and (5) and 315d of the HGB has been included by the auditor in the audit of the annual financial statements only to the extent that the auditor verified whether the information was actually given.